Let’s face it:  marriage is a wonderful event but arranging it so that everything is perfect is not an easy job.  This calls for wedding planners who are capable of organizing your wedding and ensuring that it runs smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful events of your lives.   Perhaps you are wondering if it is necessary to hire a wedding planner.  Well, if you wanted to build a house, wouldn’t you call an architect who knows how to  manage, resolve, and propose ideas for each detail?   This is exactly what we do for your wedding.

As you know, however, there is still no legislation that legally recognizes same-sex unions in Italy, but our motto is “we will help you say yes even when they tell you no.”  In fact, nothing prevents you from holding a ceremony, even symbolic, here in our country.   If, instead, you want to organize your wedding abroad, there’s no problem.  We will help you tie the knot even ten thousand kilometers away while ensuring that you feel at home.   We will point out the “friendly” countries where it is possible to get married, and we will take care of all of the documents and paperwork.  And if the future spouses are foreigners and want to celebrate their wedding in Italy?  Don’t worry.  We can organize it here, offering the best that Italy, the most popular destination in the world, has to give.

“That sounds great!” you say, “But what about all of those tremendously annoying, bureaucratic requirements which, in any case, have to be addressed when you are organizing a wedding?”  You don’t need to worry about this either.  We will take care of it, because we want that day to be the only thing you think about– the day when you celebrate together with all the people you love the most!

Take a “virtual” stroll through our website or come to see us in person at our office. At Same Love, we have a lot of services to offer you: from honeymoon services, choice of location, and catering options to outfit selection and playlist preferences during the reception. Dozens of choices await you! You can choose your favorite options and the ones that best represent you in the same way you would expect to select the arrangement of the flowers in your wedding bouquet. Let your imagination run wild! Especially when it comes to a wedding, the more ideas you have, the more we will enjoy fulfilling them. Additionally, you will realize that turning to a wedding planning agency is anything but an unattainable luxury!